The Ministry of Culture & Tourism in collaboration with Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission is billed to organize ECOWAS Prize for excellence 2011. The prize which is the 6th edition is to stimulate and promote research and creativity.

It is also to reward any individual or institution that distinguishes itself in the field of Culture, Science, Technology, Agriculture, African Pharmacopoeia, African Literature and any other field likely to boost the community’s usage and prestige by contributing towards development in addition to strengthening regional process.

With its theme as ‘African Language, Music and Integration’ with special reference to Fulfide, Hausa and Mandenkan, the rules and regulation to guide the ECOWAS Prize for Excellence are that the prize shall be awarded to works written and submitted in languages spoken in West Africa. In fact, works submitted in the ECOWAS Vernacular Cross-Border Languages of Fulfide, Hausa and Mandenkan will be of advantage. The works may be related to the fields of science, technology, literature and arts including drama, poetry and prose, short stories, plays, novels, folktales, African music and songs.

Those who wish to enter for the award should send eight copies of their works in hard and electronic (pdf) copies including written/published reports or any other relevant documentation-cassettes, video etc. where necessary. These must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked submission for the 6th Edition of the ECOWAS Prize for excellence 2011to the Ministry of Culture & Tourism on or before 22nd July 2011.

Nwagbo Nnenyelike
Corporate Affairs