Members of staff of National Institute for Cultural Orientation [NICO] have been enjoined to surrender all about themselves to God Almighty and depend on Him for everything. This call was made by Bishop Opukeme Godly of Go Forward Assembly, Benin City, in a sermon he delivered during the NICO Prays Fellowship at the 23, Kigoma Street office of the Institute in Abuja.

The man of God declared that one way to excel in life is to feel on top in the Lord’s vineyard because: “As Christians, we are living on top, no matter how tough things are as God knows how to make us survive.”

Bishop Opukeme recalled the story of how Jacob cursed and blessed his children, citing the book of Genesis 49:1-4, to illustrate his message. Jacob cursed Reuben, his firstborn child, that he is a raging flood, who will not excel because he slept with his (Jacob’s) wife.

The Bishop reminded the congregation that God had commanded that his anointed must not be touched: “So, every curse that follows us down from our villages will be broken. We should go back to our roots and embrace the love of our mother, so that we can excel. What went for Joseph was that he was favoured by God. But look at Esau and Jacob’s story. That is the power of a mother loving the son. They got these favours in God’s time. God’s appointed time will meet every one of us to excel. I tell you, children of God, the set time is now. None of you will ever see poverty in Jesus name! Challenges will come but we shall overcome the challenges!”

In appreciating the man of God, the Executive Secretary, Dr. Barclays Foubiri Ayakoroma, urged the congregation to pray for the upliftment of Go Forward Assembly, so that it will grow in leaps and bounds.

Bishop Opukeme ministered at the NICO Prays Fellowship just before leaving for the United States of America, on a missionary assignment.

Omang Juliet
Corporate Affairs