The Technical Committee set up to work out modalities for the Affiliation of NICO Training School with Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK), has come out with a final working document, acceptable to both parties as a Bilateral Agreement for the Affiliation was produced, subject to the approval of the Chief Executives of both Institutions.

The committee came out with the draft copy of the MoU at the end of a harmonization meeting, which took place recently at DataClick Global Technologies Study Centre, near Chida International Hotel, Utako District, Abuja.  

In his Opening Remarks, Chairman of the Committee and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, NSUK, Professor Umelo Ojinmah, told members to scrutinize the MoU to ensure that the positions of NICO and NSUK are well articulated, because the objective of the meeting was to look at the draft copy of the MoU with a view to making observations and necessary corrections before the execution of the agreement.

The affiliation of NICO Training School with Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK), is a prerequisite for NUC Accreditation of Academic Programmes offered by the Training School, and in pursuance of the deserved recognition for its Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Administration programmes, NICO and NSUK have agreed, in principle, to collaborate, and the working paper is the MoU, which is now ready for ratification by the Chief Executives of both Institutions.

Members of the Joint Technical Committee from NSUK are: Prof. Umelo Ojinmah (Dean, Faculty of Arts), Prof. Emmanuel Dandaura (Head, Department of Theatre and Cultural Studies), Dr. Maxwell Gidado (Dean, Faculty of Law), Dr. (Mrs.) F. E. Ukeje (Director, Academic Planning), and Dr. Fatima Othman (Director, Linkages). Members from NICO are: Mr. Innocent Itapah Azuobu (Director, NICO Training School), Barrister Abayomi Oyelola, mni (Director, Admin. & Human Resources), and Barrister Musa I. Kakamba (Asst. Director/Head, Legal Unit).

Anthony C. Okafor