The NICO Training School, on Thursday, February 23, 2012, organised an Orientation Programme for the 2011/2012 Academic Session, aimed at sensitizing participants on the academic activities and precepts of the School.

It turned out to be a lively and interactive session as students and and principal officers of the Training School engaged in useful discussions for the attainment of set objectives of the Institute.

Delivering his Welcome Address, the Director, Mr. Itapah Azuobu, stressed that the programme aims at sharpening the status of trainees as officers and professionals in the culture sector, and charged the new students to be disciplined and always abide by the rules and regulations governing the School.

He advised students to see their nomination for participation in the training programme as a positive change in their lives, which is geared towards a more prospective future.

The Director admonished the students to sit up to the challenges of Lagos life as a busy cosmopolitan city, bearing in mind the fact that iron only sharpens iron, and challenged the students to sit up to their calling in the School.

He reminded the students to understand that what is happening in NICO is very unique because of the visionary leadership of the Executive Secretary, Dr. Barclays Foubiri Ayakoroma, who has vowed to use the Training School to further empower staff of the Institute.

He therefore appealed to the students to bear with the Management as whatever challenges they will be going through are just temporary as it is prayed that funding will improve soonest.

In their lectures, the need for students to hold steadfastly to their passion and talent in the Arts was restated by Dr. Dipo Kalejaiye, Deputy Director and Head of the Academic Unit in his talk, “Career Counseling on Arts and Culture.”

He emphasized that our languages and culture are dying and the students, as custodians of culture, should ensure that they do not go into extinction.

Dr. Kalejaiye also advised participants to join Cultural/Professional Associations that will provide them with clear cut focus and help them to network properly.

In another paper, “Administration of NICO Training School and Code of Conduct for Students”, Mr. Ibrahim Lawal, Assistant Director and Head of Registry, advised the students on methods and procedures for proper learning and conducts in the School.

In a paper titled, “The Expectation of Students in a Cultural Institute,” Alhaji Bashir Mohammed, Resource Person and Desk Officer (Tutorials), highlighted what is expected of Students in a Cultural Institute.

He said that students should imbibe the culture of tolerance, honesty and diligence in order to integrate with others as quickly as possible.

The Orientation programme was attended by NICO Training School staff and 65 newly admitted National Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma students of Cultural Administration.

Press/Public Relations Unit
NICO Training School