altThe Honourable Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, High Chief Edem Duke, has expressed displeasure over how the activities of insurgents are threatening the corporate existence of the Nigerian nation, describing it as a serious security challenge; and that some of the weird reasons that have precipitated acts of insurgency, range from poverty, unemployment, poor governance and illiteracy.

Chief Duke, who stated this in his address at the 8th National Council meeting on Tourism, Culture and National Orientation held at Royal Shekina Suites in Ilorin, Kwara State, was of the opinion that the reasons advanced by insurgent groups do not have clearly defined relationship with the killing of innocent persons, who are neither in power nor even close to the corridors of power.

He cited the example of a country, like South Africa, which has achieved the best in Agriculture, manufacturing and exporting and the likes, still pays serious attention to tourism development, which has even overtaken gold exports, as a foreign revenue earner.

High Chief Duke explained further, that a country like Nigeria, which has been operating a mono-product economy for over four decades, has a lot to emulate from the South African experience, as Nigeria’s tourism resources have the potential to serve as an alternative to oil and provide the much needed economic boost.alt

The Minister said the National Council Members had assembled to deliberate, articulate, foster and redefine new parameters of achievements, new opportunities for the sector and the possibilities of transforming Nigerian, not just through the platform of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, but also using the sector as a platform for advocacy and re-integration of our people for social re-construction, economy development, wealth creation, and greater contribution to the nation’s economy.  

The Honourable Minister also expressed his profound gratitude to the government and people of Kwara State, “the state of harmony,” for the serene atmosphere, under which the 8th National Council meeting was held.

Naseer Saeed Ategba
Corporate Affairs, NCZ