The Director, Lagos Liaison Office of the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), Mr. Louis Eriomala is to attend a 2-Day Network Working Group Meeting, organised by the Korea Foundation at Mayfield Hotel, Seoul, the capital city of South Korea beginning from Thursday, 26th Friday, 27th June, 2014.

This is following an invitation by the Korea Foundation, requesting the Institute to attend the Working Group Meeting to discuss the idea of launching the organisation, which is envisioned as a semi-official association that will, in the formative stage, pursue common interest of advancing the profile of each participating country in the global arena by sharing expertise and joining hands for meaningful projects.

According to information available to NICO News, the Korea Foundation, which hopes to form a network of public diplomacy institutions from a group of ‘middle-power’ nations, will at the meeting, discuss issues bordering on institutional membership and funding, possible areas for joint projects and cooperation, administrative issues for launching the Network (MoU, Rules) and a long-term work plan for strengthening the Network, among others.

In November 2013, the Korea Foundation held a global seminar, which was attended by institutions from countries like Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Singapore, Denmark, Hungary, Portugal and Korea.

This year, Nigeria will be joining Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech, Estonia, Indonesia, Mexico Philippines, Spain, Sweden, and Taiwan in the line-up of a total of twenty countries attending the meeting. 

Caleb Nor

Corporate Affairs

NICO, Abuja