The much cherished and awaited Chinese cultural festival, the International Drum Culture and Art Week and the fourth session of China Lanzhou International Folk Art Week was opened on 3rd June, 2015 at the Jinchang Grand Theatre, Lanzhou.

Declaring the festival open, the President of Central Academy of Administration Mr. Zhang Xu, in his address, expressed how impressed he was by seeing over 300 people from all over the world present in the country for the sake of cultural festival.

Mr. Xu explained that the core objective of organising the festival is to promote the political, economic and social development of the country through the exposure of young talented youths to the world, saying that the festival has the power of attracting outside attention, strengthening the cultural exchange and mutual feeling.

In his speech at a welcome dinner party organized for the guests, the Vice Secretary of the Lanzhou Municipal Council, Mr. Zhang Chenggu, said that the activities and local characteristics of the Lanzhou Cultural Festival activities contribute to the society and give people at the grassroots a sense of belonging’ just as it provides the intellectual support and spiritual power for the city’s economic development.

Apart from the Chinese Performing Arts Group and Lanzhou Fatek Drum Dance Troupe that exhibited a dance drama, which captivated the interest of the audience, the event also attracted many countries performing troupes including, the Czech Republic Danjie folk ensemble, the Egypt El Arish Folk Song and Dance Troupe, the IOV Youth Division Dance Troupe of Indonesia, the Macedonia ‘Tosca’ Folk Dance Ensemble, the Russia Hurrah Ska Folk Dance Ensemble, the Sri Lanka Treasure Academy Dance Troupe, the Poland Kotu Ukraine Folk Dance Ensemble, the Uzbekistan Young Folk Song and Dance Troupe, among others.

The occasion was also graced by important personalities from the Peoples Republic of China and delegations from several countries, including Nigerian representatives, namely, Mrs. Jane Anigala (NICO), Mrs. Chioma Duru (NICO), Mr. Nnaemeka Nwajagu (NICO), and Mrs. Susan Ogohi (NCAC).

Nnaemeka Nwajagu

Reporting from Lanzhou, China