Prof. Shri Lalit Kumar Sharma of the Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad, India has advocated building strong organizational culture to strengthen corporate identity and excellence adding that culture is not just a system that drives itself but that people drive culture in different ways, which makes it dark or light.

The Visiting Lecturer to NIESBUD, Noida, India, who stated this today when delivering a paper, titled, “Organizational Culture Development with Ethics” in the ongoing international programme on Innovative Leadership, said culture influences people for one gain or the other, which may be political, economic, social or otherwise.

Prof. Sharma said for an organization to build a strong culture among its members, the following should be considered strictly:

1. Vision;

2. Mission;

3. Goals and Objectives;

vince4. Strategies;

5. Structure;

6. Culture which has to do with the prominent purpose of that Organization; and

7. Behaviour and performance, which, to him, should be reviewed regularly.

He went further to state that developing an organizational culture involve developing a strong corporate Identity, development of important values, building healthy tradition and developing consistent management practice, arguing that one of an organization’s most prized assets is its reputation.

Eni Vincent

Reporting from Noida, India