The Tiv community at the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) on Wednesday, 20th July, 2016, decorated the Chief Executive of Bush House Group, Michael Bush, aka, “The Boss”, with the complete Tiv traditional attire in recognition of his magnanimity and generosity towards one of them.

Michael Bush, who is currently a Postgraduate Diploma Student in Cultural Administration and Class Governor at NICO Training School, Abuja Study Centre, was said to have offered his course mate, Mr. Thomas Anongo, who is of Tiv origin and a staff of NICO Gombe State Office, free accommodation in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for the one year period of the Postgraduate Diploma programme; and in return, Anongo deemed it fit to appreciate him in such manner.

According to him, the opportunity to work with the nation’s apex Cultural Training Institute has enriched him with knowledge and understanding of the importance of giving honour to whom it is due, stating that the initiative to honour Michael Bush was just his modest way to express his heartfelt appreciation for the good he (Bush) had done him.

His words: “When we first came here, I was staying very close to Keffi, Nasarawa State; and immediately after class, I was always rushing out to avoid traffic, until one day, the Class Governor called my attention that what is the problem that I always rushed out after class and I told him I was staying as far as Keffi. Immediately, he said, I didn’t have to stay that far; and from that very moment, he offered me an accommodation”.

Continuing, “I have ever since been asking myself what can I do to reciprocate this kind of gesture; and I said, as the Class Governor has decided to make me a friend, I cannot make him a friend but rather make him a brother”.

In his response, the visibly surprised Michael Bush disclosed that, with what Anongo had done, he rather feels ashamed because, to him, the accommodation he gave him was not commensurate with what he has done.

His words: “What he has done, for me standing here, I feel ashamed because it is not worth this gesture. There are people who to the glory of God we have done mighty things for but have not even returned to say, thank you. Often times, you help people and they turn against you and say all sorts of things; but to actually see somebody that has come to appreciate; and, as a matter of fact, I am also going to retaliate because this is too much for me.”

Michael Bush maintained that one major reason why he decided to accept the honour is because he feels it is what society and life should be about more so that it sends a message for others to understand that they can just be doing good without knowing the appreciation that comes from it.

In his reaction, NICO’s Executive Secretary, Dr. Barclays Foubiri Ayakoroma, who expressed his joy for the honour done to Michael Bush said he is not surprised because he knows him (Bush) as somebody, who is mentoring quite a couple of youths here in Abuja-FCT, Akwa Ibom State and, indeed, Nigeria.

Commending the Tiv community in NICO for such gesture, Ayakoroma had this to say: “I am pleased with you people for deeming it fit to reciprocate such kind gesture at a time where we live in a society that young ones hardly appreciate anything being done for them; but you people thought it wise that something should be done to Michael Bush for being magnanimous in his dealings with you. I think we need to commend you for showing that sense of gratitude.”

He therefore urged Mr. Bush never to relent in whatever he is doing, stressing that whatever reward that comes now, it is just on the human level; but that God’s reward is always there and by the time that reward comes, everybody will say it is God’s doing and that he really deserves it.

Caleb Nor

Corporate Affairs Unit

NICO, Abuja