The Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Administration (PGDCA) students of National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) Training School, Lagos, have expressed sincere gratitude to the Executive Secretary, NICO, Assoc. Prof. Barclays Foubiri Ayakoroma and the Director of NICO Training School, Lagos, Mrs. Brigitte Yerima, for ensuring that all the courses at the PGDCA and DCA levels are handled by professionals.

The students could not hold back their feelings when they visited the National Museum, Lagos, recently in fulfilment of the requirement for Museum and Gallery Studies course workload taught by Mrs. Victoria Okoloagu, a Chief Education Officer with National Museum, Lagos.

Every member of the PGDCA Class 2016 Lagos who was at the Museum did not only see the reality of what was taught in class but also saw the museum visit as a unique exposure that provided the foundation for creativity, critical thinking, and connection to the world around. 

Having conducted the students round and educated them on the collections and artefacts on exhibition in the gallery, the Education Officers, Mrs. Patience Ekwunazor and Mr. Iroko Ekundayo, also reiterated the fact that, a museum is a place for a chance to connect, understand, and explore perceptions artistically, feelings and innovative thought.

Earlier, the Assistant Lecturer for the course, Ms Chinememma Umeokafor, who led the delegation to the National Museum premises in Lagos for the visit, advised the students to conduct themselves as good ambassadors of NICO Training School, Lagos, by respecting the rules guiding visits to the Museum.

The sections visited were, Circle of Life and Nigerian Government Past and Present.

Naseer Saeed Ategba

Member, Class 2016

NTS, Lagos