The Executive Secretary/CEO, National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), Ado Mohammed Yahuza called on the public to appreciate the introduction of Zonal Intervention Fund which is an offshoot of Executive-Legislative understanding endowed with the potentials to satisfy the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians.
Mr. Yahuza made the call at a 2-Day Conference on Culture, Zonal Intervention Projects (ZIP) held on 8th Dec. 2020 at JJ & JAYZ Event Center, Ilorin, Kwara State where he also said that the Conference is designed to sensitize Nigerians to appreciate the critical importance of culture to National Development. Research has shown that societies that have embraced Culture and made it the cornerstone of their development efforts have made remarkable progress and development in all indices of development. He added.
Speaking further, the Executive Secretary said, the neglect and non-recognition of Culture as the roadmap and pillar of sustainable development has put many nations in dire straits and opined that a deeper understanding of the place of Culture to national Development is therefore imperative in our quest for meaningful progress and sustainable socio-political and economic development of our nation.
Worthy of note too, he said through the Zonal Intervention Fund, many MDAs are able to execute several projects and programmes in furtherance of their statutory objectives which would have been impossible due to funding challenges from regular budget.
While citing example, NICO Executive Secretary said the Institute made significant impact in promoting Culture consciousness and creativity in our secondary school students nationwide.
Malam Yahuza expressed his appreciation to those who were at occasion and those who couldn’t make it for some obvious reasons.
Naseer Saeed