The Executive Secretary of National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), Mallam Ado Muhammed Yahuza told the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) to discharge their duty with utmost confidentiality, accountability and documentation which are tenets of their profession as accountants.
Mallam Ado Yahuza gave this charge when the ANAN, Federal Capital Territory Branch came on a courtesy call in his office, NICO Headquarters Abuja, on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 necessarily saying that, the most important thing for being a member of a professional association like ANAN was not to get the certificate but to apply such skills acquired in the discharge of their duties.
Ado Yahuza also said that the two statutory departments of any organization are the Finance and Account department as well as the Administration and Human Resources Department which are the engine house and cannot do without each other in achieving the vision and mission of any firm. Stressing that good and quality training definitely would aid in doing things professionally.
His words, Confidentiality is very important, even more important in finance and accounts. I agree in total in terms of training staff and also writing the exam and getting the certificate of ANAN because it should give the professional skills on how to get things done professionally. I am impressed with my staff who are your members. It is here in this institute that I met people who are ready to write the exams. I charge you let the members hold on to their professionalism, confidentiality and accountability”.
The E S of NICO further intimated the visitors about giving NICO a facelift in the area of office environment as well as staff welfare, staff training, payment of death benefits to the families of diseased staff, the introduction and accessing of life insurance benefits to staff who died in active service in the institute (the Head of Service) since his assumption of office on Wednesday, September 2,2020, and even promised to do more by way of providing working tools for staff to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.
Yahuza also stated his mission in NICO which is value addition and making impact in the lives of people since life is transient and nothing lasts forever. He, however advised that since central to our problem, as a country is corruption, Nigerians should try and be less greedy, the country will be better for it.
Earlier the leader of the delegation and Chairman of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), FCT branch, Mr. Wahab Shina Omoniyi disclosed the essence of their visit, which was first to congratulate the Executive Secretary of NICO on his appointment. To inform him about ANAN activities as well as solicit for the institute’s support and partnership in achieving the institute’s mandate.
Mr. Omoniyi said that as a branch of the association, they are not just there for only the accounting profession but are involved in taking care of indigent pupils from primary to secondary school levels as a way of carrying out their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and making their presence felt in FCT.
According to him,” We created the scholarship scheme to focus on the education of the indigent pupils in primary and secondary schools. We have given a scholarship to a pupil in L.E.A Primary School in Karmo and another in L.E.A Primary School NACO, Sunny Ville both in Abuja. We have been able to produce two students, each in Junior Secondary School (JSS3) and (JSS1) in Technical College Orozo”.
Omoniyi also pleaded that the Institute should consider the mandatory Qualified Programme for their members; sponsor its members who are NICO staff to its national conference annually as well as consider the workshops and training of the staff in the new and updated best practices so as to be abreast with the trends and reforms going on in the profession.
Furthermore, Omoniyi informed the NICO ES that the association has decentralized its exam centres in six (6) zonal offices and Abuja to enable their members who intend to write the exam in Abuja in any centre of their choice without necessarily travelling to Jos as was the case before now.
In the company of the ANAN, FCT branch delegate for the coutesy visit were, Vice Chairperson, ANAN , FCT branch, Mrs Victoria Barde; Secretary General, ANAN, FCT branch, Mr. Oyedele John Kehinde; Assistant Secretary, ANAN FCT branch,Mrs. Doris Augustine; Treasurer,ANAN FCT branch, Mrs. Caroline Ononkua; and Public Relations Officer, ANAN, FCT branch, Mrs. Fiada Edward.
NICO ANAN chapter were on hand to play host to the delegation. They include, Head, Finance and Accounts, NICO, Mr. Alfred Hubert Ogbe; Head, Audit Unit, NICO, Mr. Okorodudu Uremu; Head, Procurement Unit, Alhaji Farouk; Mrs.Salamatu Yahaya; Head, Salary Unit, Hajiya Sherifat; among others.

Njideka Dimgba.
Media Unit, NICO,