About Us Harnessing Culture for National Development


To be the Apex and leading Cultural Training Institute in Nigeria which will energize various cultural establishments and contribute to world progress and civilization through research and documentation of cultural assets and services, both tangible and intangible.


To train cultural development officers, motivators and communicators who would be grounded in Nigeria cultural practices, realities, philosophy and practices that are essential for national integration, peace, unity and development in a multi-ethnic nation.

To constantly spearhead the provision of innovational research aimed at making culture the vector for national integration and development.

NICO's Objectives

According to sub-section 3(1) (a) and (b) and 2 (a-g) of section 3 of the Act establishing NICO, the objectives and functions of the Institute are as follows:

  • Serve as a focus for orientation in cultural matters for Nigeria’s policymakers and other government officials.
  • Develop cultural materials for promoting the cultural image of Nigeria nationally and internationally and use them for the realization of the nation’s Cultural Diplomacy objectives.
  • Train Cultural Development Officers who will integrate Nigeria’s culture into the educational system at all levels to facilitate the practical application of the Nigerian culture in everyday activity.
  • Promote and develop relevant curricula aimed at integrating Nigeria’s culture into the educational system at all levels.
  • Carry out public enlightenment campaigns of the various facets of Nigeria’s culture to effectively mobilize Nigerians towards a culture-oriented lifestyle; and
  • Sponsor and undertake research into all aspects of Nigeria’s arts and culture.
Our Training Centers
Number of Graduates
Number of State Offices

Departments NICO is made up of five (5) departments

Administration & Human Resources

The department is responsible for staff welfare; personnel records; handles staff matters employment, promotion, transfer, leave, discipline; handles office infrastructure maintenance, security; and attend to IT Students and Corp Members matters

Finance & Accounts

The department is responsible for all accounting matters of the Institute according to the financial regulations and all extant rules guiding finance and accounts in the federation. It also advises on all financial issues.

Orientation & Cultural Affairs

The department has two (2) units namely: Cultural Affairs and Orientation Units, with the responsibility of implementing and coordinating the orientation and cultural affairs programmes of the Institute.

Research & Documentation

The department has two (2) units namely: Research and Documentation Units. They are responsible for the following: Undertaking research into all aspects of culture, arts and history, Collection and collation of primary and secondary data and Library/information services

Training School

The department coordinates all the training activities of the Institute. The objectives of the department are: To foster professionalism in the culture sector, Strengthen professional competence of cultural workers to keep them abreast of current developments in the culture sector, and Facilitate the practical application of Nigeria’s culture in everyday activities.

Similarly, there are units, such as Corporate Affairs, Legal, Protocol, Budget, and Procurement Units, which are directly under the Office of the Executive Secretary. Each is headed by an Assistant Director or its equivalent.

The Institute has also opened offices in all the six (6) geo-political zones in the country, in addition to the Lagos Liaison Office, which is presently hosting the Training School. Furthermore, State Offices are being opened in Enugu, Ibadan, Minna, and Gombe, to effectively carry the Institute’s programmes and activities to the grassroots.

Thus, The Management Structure Of The Institute Is As Follows:

  • Corporate Headquarters – Abuja, FCT Office Of The Executive Secretary
  • Administration & Human Resources Department, Finance & Accounts Department
  • Orientation & Cultural Affairs Department, Research & Documentation Department
  • Training School, Lagos Liaison Office
  • South-west Zonal Office – Akure, Ondo State, South-south Zonal Office – Yenagoa, Bayelsa State
  • South-east Zonal Office – Owerri, Imo State, North-east Zonal Office – Yola, Adamawa State
  • North-central Zonal Office – Ilorin, Kwara State, North-west Zonal Office – Katsina, Katsina States