President Goodluck Jonathan has been described as an encyclopaedia, which should be studied by Nigerians, just as the wife, Dame Patience Jonathan, is an epitome of blessing, not only to the president but to the entire country.

The Executive Secretary of National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), Dr. Barclays Foubiri Ayakoroma, who declared this as he spoke on “Bush House Nigeria,” a radio programme on Kapital FM 92.9, Area 10, Abuja, said Dr. Jonathan is a bundle of experience, who needs to be studied like a book, while the wife is a “good wife who has given Mr. President “goodluck.” He added that he was speaking as one who knows Mr. President very well as a person.

Dr. Ayakoroma, who was guest of ‘The Living Room’ segment of “Bush House Nigeria,” between 11am to 12noon on 27th May, 2011, emphasized that President Jonathan has all the qualities of a role model in Nigeria any person would want to study or emulate.

On what he knows about President Jonathan and family, the Executive Secretary said: “I will say that His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan, is a man who is passionate about whatever he does in life. He wants the result of whatever he is involved in to be the best. He will allow you to do what you know how best to do as long as you can give him the right result. You will agree with me that Nigerians witnessed this in the last general elections, in his appointment of Professor Attahiru Jega as the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“This shows that he is focused. We are not surprised that his mother named him Azikiwe. He was born during the time late Zik (Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe) was in the political arena. That was what obtained in our area. People were named Gowon, Tafawa Balewa, Awolowo, Ojukwu, etc. In my own case, if I had been a girl, I may have been named Queen or Elizabeth, because I was born when she (Queen Elizabeth) visited Nigeria. Perhaps there may have been somebody in her entourage that was Barclays. The truth is that Mr. President is gentle, humble, simple, honest, and diligent. So to get these qualities, Nigerians need to study him as a book.’’  

He continued: “Indeed God has given him a wife who is a blessing to him. She is really a good mother to Nigerians. Look at the way she is handling her projects and she is really touching the lives of Nigerian women. She helps women. She is really unassuming. That is why I make bold to say that God has blessed Nigeria by giving us the family. At least, you can see the way the just conclude elections took place. It was very fair and people voted President Jonathan with love. I have friends who had never voted in the past 50 years, but they voted because of President Jonathan.

Those who phoned in on the programme and comments of friends on facebook, the internet interactive social network, read by the presenter, Michael Bush, confirmed the views of the NICO boss about President Jonathan. Some read: “I am happy to speak about President Jonathan. He is there because God has put him there. I pray for him and Nigeria.” “Jonathan was the saving grace of Nigeria.” “I see a man who is truthful in him. He is ready to hear and do what people say. I wish him Goodluck.” “He is a good man. God will use him to transform Nigeria.’’  

Nwagbo Nnenyelike and Jonathan Nicodemus

Corporate Affairs