The Chief Servant of Niger State, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, has stated that for peace, unity and justice to reign in Nigeria, there is need for Nigerians to internalize the spirit of the Nigerian National Anthem, saying God will help Nigeria if Nigerians “uphold the country’s honour and glory.”

The Chief Servant, who stated this in the keynote address he delivered at the National Conference organized by the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), with the theme, “Culture, Peace and National Security in Nigeria: The Role of Local Government Chairmen and Traditional Rulers,” said that the theme of the conference, “reflects the compelling need for us to go back to the foundations of our civilization to find the answers to the multifaceted problems confronting our society today. The conceptual elements of the theme, culture, peace, national security, traditional rulers and local government chairmen, provide us with the opportunity to critically examine where we are coming from, and indeed to explore the nexus for national integration and development. Significantly, culture, like human beings is a living thing. Peace means safety, welfare, prosperity, security, fortune and friendliness.”

Governor Aliyu, who noted that human progress and development are anchored around peaceful environment, reiterated that Nigerians must always be ready: “to serve with heart, one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity,” reminding Nigerians that, “our culture is important to the future of our children and to our nation, because it ensures a past, a present and a future and excellent values. The future of our nation will be at a great risk if our children do not understand our culture. A very prominent aspect of African value system is the culture of child bearing and training. A child that learns good behaviour will grow with African culture.”

He added that to obtain peace and unity, the role of traditional rulers is very important in the future of Nigeria, because they are the custodians of the social, moral norms and values of Nigerian society: “They have the people, they live with the people, they share their hopes and aspirations, their fears and anxieties; as such they have crucial role to play in ensuring the peace, stability and progress of Nigeria.”

President Goodluck Jonathan was represented by the Special Adviser on Special Duties/Social Development, Mrs. Sarah Pane, at the event, which took place at Shehu Musa Yar’Adua International Conference Centre, Abuja.

Nwagbo Nnenyelike

Corporate Affairs