To ensure peaceful conduct of elections, the aspirants for the forthcoming Amalgamated Union of Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE) elections, NICO Chapter has been called upon to exhibit maturity and discipline during electioneering campaigns and elections scheduled on Tuesday, 19th June, 2012.

This call was made by Pastor Richard Tamaraebi, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the Institute at a pre-election security meeting with the aspirants.

He informed the meeting that the meeting was convened at the instance of the Executive Secretary, Dr. Barclays Ayakoroma. He stated that the essence of the meeting was to assess the security situation generally, discuss problem areas so as to have a hitch free election

According to the CSO in the meeting that was held on Friday 15th June, 2012, he said: “We all know that the ES is a man of peace. The management of NICO stands for peace at all times. The essence of this meeting is to ensure that elections coming up on Tuesday, 19th June, 2012 would be peaceful. The ES is aware of this meeting. I will report the outcome of the meeting to him.  We are holding brief for him.   This meeting is to ensure that we put our house in order so that there will be no trouble during the election. We have to show maturity before, during and after the elections. This is why it was necessary that all the contestants should have it in mind that they are contesting for service.’’

The aspirants were allowed to say what were agitating their minds, after which the CSO admonished them. They raised issues ranging from registration, posters, campaigns, mode of voting etc.

In response, Pastor Tamaraebi told them not to play politics of bitterness, because politics is a game where there must be a winner or looser, adding:  “You should not make it do or die affair.    Commit it to God, because it is only God who enthrones. If you are ready to serve the people you must realize that it is when God is involved that the people are involved. ’’

Those that were in the meeting are (CSO) Pastor Richard Tamaraebi, the Chief Security Officer, Pastor Albert Ogbe and all the aspirants for the forthcoming election etc.

Nwagbo Nnenyelike
Corporate Affairs