A university don has said that African countries need pragmatic strategies to enlighten its people on the severity of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and that by their socio-environmental circumstances, one of the approaches that have been adopted is the New Theatre of DVD-to-screen format, which motion-colour attraction value should impress much of the youth in Africa, as exemplified in Scenarios for Africa programme.

Toni Duruaku, an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre Arts, Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria, made the assertion at the African Theatre Association (AfTA) 2012 Annual International Conference at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in a paper, titled, “The Impact of the New Theatre for a pragmatic HIV/AIDS Campaign: The Scenarios from Africa experience in Nigeria,” which he presented.

According to Professor Duruaku, the appreciation of the scourge and accommodation of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) have remained very lean despite all efforts in Nigeria, and that this little-for-value situation invites study.

He said the script-to-screen of the Scenarios for Africa addresses African children and teens on the prevention, management, and care for the PLWHAs, noting that there are strengths and drawbacks of the ‘new theatre’, and recommends strategies to overcome the limitations so that the stratagem may offer full value.

He identified poor electric power supply, disinterest by political leaders, and poor logistic support, among others, as factors limiting the impact of the Scenarios… to a large extent, in spite of its grand appeal and potentials, and recommended practical steps to turn the fortunes of Scenarios… around and make it a more effective method for prosecuting the HIV/AIDS war in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

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