altA former National Vice President of Egbe Akomolede Ati Asa Yoruba, Mrs. V. B. Orogun, has called on the Federal Government to review the curriculum of Secondary Schools, in Nigeria, to elevate the importance of indigenous languages.

Mrs. Orogun, who made this appeal during the inauguration of NICO Cultural Club at Akure Secondary Commercial School, Akure, Ondo State, on May 7, 2013, lauded the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), for coming up with the “Omoluabi Club” concept.

She called on the Federal Government to look into the curriculum of secondary schools, as the present one, which made Nigerian Indigenous Languages electives was not helping the campaign for cultural rebirth, stressing that language was an integral part of culture which should be held in high esteem, and called on Principals of Secondary Schools to give NICO the needed support to sustain the Cultural Clubs.

Earlier, the Zonal Head, Mr. Ohi Ojo, noted that various Nigerian cultures were at risk, in the face of globalization and that there was urgent need to direct attention to our institutional, material and philosophical culture, adding that the Cultural Clubs were “to catch the students young,” and imbibe in them ideal cultural values.

In her remark, Head of Orientation and Cultural Affairs, South-West Zone, Mrs. Ogechukwu Nwokorie, expressed her appreciation to the school for their effort in upholding and promoting our cultural values, saying that members of the club would be, among other things, exposed to Nigerian indigenous ways of life such as dress patterns, traditional delicacies and modes of their preservation, and traditional hairdo.

In her vote of thanks, the Culture teacher in the school, Mrs. M.C. Obadara, thanked the Zonal Head and his team for establishing the club, and pledged unflinching and unalloyed support for the NICO Cultural Club (Omoluabi).

Stephen Ayomoba
Corporate Affairs