The Centre for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) of the world’s first centre dedicated to the study of Cultural Diplomacy, the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy, in its desire to offer educational opportunities for individuals pursuing careers in academia, diplomacy, government or private sector has called for applications from interested persons for its new Online Masters Programme in Cultural Diplomacy.

A statement released by the Director and Founder, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), Berlin, Germany, Mark Donfried, dated July 30, 2013, on the subject: ICD Announcement of New Master’s Programmes and Calendar Overview for August 2013, disclosed that the Online Master’s Programme recently, added to the CCDS list of educational programmes, is specifically designed for governmental officials, academics and professionals, who are not able to leave their current positions.

The statement reads in part: “We are pleased to bring to your attention, the last call for application to our August 2013 Programs, to announce our new MA degrees and our Summer/Fall 2013 Calendar of Academic Programs and forthcoming International Conferences, to be hosted by ICD in partnership with other leading organizations.”

Already, CCDS has four categories of education programmes, namely, Graduate Degree Programmes in Cultural Diplomacy (MA and PhD), e-learning courses with certificates, Certificate Programmes and Study Abroad Credit Programmes, dedicated either wholly or in part to the field of Cultural Diplomacy.

The new Masters programmes are Global Governance and Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy, Globalization and Cultural Diplomacy, and International Economics and Cultural Diplomacy.

Meanwhile, the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy is also set to organize one in its series of International Conference, scheduled to hold in London this month, an event which has an inclusive participation policy and is open to individuals from all academic, cultural and professional backgrounds, and provides an opportunity for larger audiences to actively participate and engage in lectures and discussions featuring high profile figures from the fields of international politics, diplomacy, culture, academia, civil society, and the private sector .

Furthermore, there will be a symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America on the theme, “The Colours of Latin America: Preserving Traditional Arts and Heritage in a Multicultural World,” which will take place on August 14th-16th, 2013, in Berlin, the London Art as Cultural Diplomacy Conference 2013 on the theme, “Contemporary International Dialogue: Art-Based Developments and Culture Shared between Nations,” holding on August 21st-24th, 2013; while the Berlin Annual African Film and Media Festival 2013, with the theme, “Africa on Screen: Through the Eyes of Africa,” will hold on August 22nd-25th, 2013.  

Caleb Nor
Corporate Affairs