Galtraduands of the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) Training School have expressed their determination to effectively showcase the knowledge of Nigerian culture and its administration they had obtained during the course of their study in the Training School to the Nigerian society.

Stating this on behalf of the 217 graduands of four sets, 2008/2009 to 2011/2012 academic sessions, at the 1st Convocation Ceremony of the Training School, the Best Overall Graduating Student, Miss Titilayo Anastasia John, a Principal Cultural Officer in the National Theatre, Lagos, promised that with the knowledge they have been empowered with, they will not let the Nigerian society and NICO, in particular, down.  

Asserting that the training they got needed to be impacted on people and the entire society, she appealed to Government to appropriately utilize the graduands, so that they could properly showcase their knowledge of cultural administration from the school to “train and re-train” others.

Expressing her joy over the award, Titilayo John, who also clinched the Best Post Graduate Diploma in Cultural Administration (PGDCA) Student in the 2008/2009 session said: “I am grateful for the honour done to me today. These awards are treasures to me. I cherish them so much. It is to the glory of God. I am also grateful to NICO for providing the platform for me to obtain this knowledge. I want to thank our entire lecturers for their tutelage.”

She continued: “As a group, we as graduands promise that the knowledge we have obtained on the vast culture of Nigeria and how to administer Nigerian culture will not be a waste. We will surely apply them to the society. We also learnt how to be diplomatic with our culture. We are really empowered with knowledge. We want to be properly utilized so that the knowledge will not be a waste. If we are well utilized we will offer our best to Nigerian society. We are determined to show our best. The certificate is worth the while to face the future with a good purpose. We are grateful to our employers for exposing us to this great opportunity.”

Nwagbo Pat Obi
Corporate Affairs