The heavy rainfall experienced in Lagos over the weekend took its toll at the premises of National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) as the Institute’s Liaison Office and Training School were adversely affected with parts of the roof blown off by the ensuing rainstorm.

Mr. Airahi Isiaka, a security man on duty in the premises when it happened, stated that the wind was very heavy, felling many electric poles and trees around the premises, causing extensive damage to the NICO perimeter fence, and destroying the roof in many parts.

According to him, “Suddenly, the bright Sunday morning became darkened due to the gathering rain clouds and what followed shortly after was the heaviest of strong winds and torrential rains like I have never seen. This left many Lagos residents in a situation to tell tales of woe and they actually did. In NICO the rain affected us too.”

NICO staffers in Lagos, who reported for work, Monday morning, were shocked to find that the roof over the Institute’s Library had gone off, books, library shelves and the walls were soaked in water; the internet café of the Institute also had its own share of damages caused by rainwater as all the computer systems, LAN wires, LAN switch, electrical extensions, eight UPS and the chairs in the cyber café were all water-logged.

Furthermore, the roof over NICO Lagos Conference room and Accounts Office of the Training School Department were blown open, causing water to enter through the ceiling.

Reports have it that the rainstorm in Lagos affected many masts and buildings, felling trees and electric poles all over the place. 

Nwagbo Pat Obi & Tony Okafor                                                                                   

Corporate Affairs                                                                                                                     NICO Lagos Office