An Assistant Director (Training) with the Federal Ministry of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation, Mr. Fidelis Azubuike Onochie has said that one of the benefits participants will gain at the just concluded 2nd capacity building workshop organised for culture workers in the Ministry by National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) was that it will equip them to do greater exploits which their superiors in the office would not be able to achieve.

Onochie stated this in his closing remarks at the end of the 5-day workshop on “Repositioning Cultural Workers for Improved Productivity,” at the Oasis Grand Hotel & Gardens, Mararaba, Nasarawa State, adding, “Programmes like this have been designed for people like you who have more than 20 years to stay in service so that you will be equipped with things your seniors were unable to achieve. Remember that change is the only thing that is constant; and I wish you people will continue to change the Ministry that way.”

Continuing, he said: “There is none of you in this place that will leave and not pitch his or her tent and say I have gained something. Some of us must have left the university some years ago so for the past three days, we have been able to recall certain things, even those we were not taught in the university. As you are not going home empty handed, I know the ES is very glad about that because all the things you were thinking, as to what they can offer us from the Institute. I think they have been vindicated that, they have something to offer.”

On his part, NICO’s Executive Secretary, Dr. Barclays Foubiri Ayakoroma charged the participants to develop the potentials in them, saying after being equipped, if they cannot put what they had learnt into practice, it will be likened to what the Holy Book says that, “faith without action is dead.”

His words: “The prospects are possibilities and the recommendations are what you can do to realise these possibilities. Everybody has the prospect for growth. There is the saying that, ‘the graveyard is where you have the greatest brains; the president, senators and governors are all in the graveyard but they could not be what they would have been because they have gone six feet under.’ Now the prospects are in us as human beings to achieve greatness; but you can only achieve that greatness when you do certain things and what are those certain things? Those are the things that are recommended by somebody who knows that I have done this or I did this and that is why I am here and if you do it, you will get there. So the recommendations are the “ifs;” if done, then we can realise those prospects.”

Caleb Nor
Corporate Affairs Unit
NICO, Abuja