The Chinese government has made outstanding improvements in creating many parks that has provided an enabling environment to bring economic development to the country; and the parks have been able to generate jobs for numerous citizens in China.

One of the parks, called, Zangye National Wetland Park, is located in the northern outskirts of Zangye city, with a total planning area of 4,133 hectares, and has functions of ecological experience, scientific education, and tourism and summer recreation.

Zhangye National Wetland Park has convenient transportation, perfect facilities, abundant ecological resources and diverse wetlands, unique and beautiful landscapes; the water is clear and green in spring, boundless greens full of eyes in summer, reed flowers waving in autumn, water and lake frozen in water, different seasons having different sceneries.

Square, boardwalk, viewing pavilions and other landscape facilities layout between reeds, streams and bushes, viewing platform, birds viewing kiosk, thatched pavilions, boats drifting centre, fishing park, red-crowned crane breeding centre, wetland museum and other tourism facilities, all these lay around the road of non-motorized vehicles just like emeralds set in the vast reed sea.

When one gets close to the wetlands, he/she feels nature and experiences the pristine Northwest wetland by taking battery-driven vehicle carriages and boats or by feet; there are about ten attractions to make one’s trip memorable in the wetland, such as walking on the boardwalk appreciating moon beside lotus pond, drifting, listening to birds singing, fishing, boating, playing on the beach, popularizing wetland science, viewing crane dancing and skating, and also enjoying a beautiful snow scene.

It was disclosed that the park is generating not less than 500,000 Yuan a day in the summer season to the Chinese economy.

Mrs. Gong Ping, an Associate Researcher in the Central Academy of Cultural Administration, Beijing used the opportunity of the visit to call on developing countries to try and emulate the Chinese government in developing their tourism resources for improved economic development.

Nnaemeka Nwajagu

Reporting from Zhangye, China