History will be made on 31st July, 2016 when filmmaker, Madu Chikwendu officially unveils his multimillion dollar project, “Eboe” (ancient word), a movie which chronicles the origins of the Ibo people of South Eastern Nigeria.

The project is expected to commence principal photography in the first quarter of 2017 with an anticipated release later in the year.

The filmmaker disclosed this when he received in audience the newly-appointed National President of Igbo Film Forum (IFF), Chief Don Nkems Chikezie in audience at his Allen Avenue offices in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

A press release by Gracelyn Robinson stated that, Chief Don Nkems sought the support of the Filmmaker/Activist for IFF and informed him of the decision of the organization to appoint him into the Board of Trustees whilst congratulating him on the completion of his Igbo movie, Nkuma.

Chief Don Nkems said: “We acknowledge your pioneering and inspirational role resulting in founding the Igbo Film Forum by Harris Chuma, which is today the foremost Pan-Igbo group in Nollywood. Present day Nollywood was unequivocally founded by Ibo’s; and today, we are very pleased that we have retaken our place in the industry. Our baby, Nollywood, must be used to promote not just Nigerian culture but also Igbo culture as well. Film has to be repositioned as a tool for regeneration and reawakening of the body polity”.

On his part, Madu Chikwendu noted: “When I organized the National Conference on Igbo Film late in 2010, the objective was not to garner honour and privileges; but I was stunned by the realization that Ibo was listed among the dying languages that may soon cease to exist alongside languages like Latin and Sanskrit. Having initiated this dialogue, I noted that a lot of initiative sprang from there including IFF and today the Ibo movie channel is there. Since 2010, I was not able to take the next logical step, which is to lead by example until last year when I produced the Igbo film, Nkuma, in my beloved rain forests of Abia state. Nkuma is actually a forerunner to “Eboe”, which will not just be a film but a cultural document that will fuse in a classic fashion, entertainment, education and information”.

The duo, IFF and Chikwendu’s Production Shingle Kraftman, agreed to co-host the two-pronged launch of Nkuma and fund-raiser for “Eboe …the Ultimate Movie”, the first such initiative in Nollywood; and towards this end, a seven man committee was set up to organize the event billed for 31st July at the National Theatre, Iganmu-Lagos.

Chief Don Nkems and Madu Chikwendu acknowledged the support and important contributions of other frontline Ibo filmmakers and activists, including HRH Ezeomenani, Harris Chuma (Founder/Pioneer Chairman, IFF) Amayo Uzo Philips (Director of Nkuma and Founder, Omenigbo Cultural Movement), and Okechukwu Ogunjiofor (Producer of foundational and pivotal films, Living in Bondage and Amina).

Nkuma centres on the adventures of an Abiriba head-hunter, Okwute (Benedict Johnson), who has to secure five human heads from a distant land to participate in the rites of passage into full manhood.

The movie also stars Akeem Rahman, Oby Okafor and Digidi Dunhill; the Abiriba, Abam, Ohafia Ada warriors of Abia State, South East Nigeria, who alongside the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Ashantis of Ghana and Zulus of South Africa number amongst the world’s earliest professional soldiers.

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