The maiden edition of the Lagos City Suya Carnival, which is billed to wrap up the month-long Lagos at 50 celebrations, is set to break the world record of the longest Suya/steak with the production of a single 50ft Suya. The feat will be achieved in conjunction with the Guinness Book of World Records.

Already top brands including Guinness and Sprite have thrown their weights behind the carnival scheduled to hold on Sunday October 1, 2017 in Lagos.

According to the executive producer of the carnival, Kehinde Talabi, the event, which is being organised by Suya Stops in conjunction with the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture, has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, fun and razzmatazz.

He added that the event would bring so many people together while offering the opportunities to mingle and meet new people.

“One thing we have been promoting and which has been getting attention from SMEs is the exhibition ground within the carnival ground. The exhibition ground will have SMEs and top brands exhibit some of their new brands at affordable cost,” Talabi said.

Event’s producer, Timothy Nostradamus, has also revealed that the carnival will take a three-course shape. He explained: “The Lagos City Suya Carnival is a three-course entertainment filled meal, that I can assure you. We have the first course, which is the morning session, where you can come to the carnival ground, ride your bicycle, do your yoga, spa and other exercises that you might deem fit for the morning. 

“The second course kicks off in the afternoon with the proper carnival as well as the kickoff of the grilling of the 50ft long Suya steak on the carnival ground. Performances of music acts will herald this session, the governor, permanent secretaries in Lagos State, lawmakers, DGs and commissioners will be thoroughly entertained during this session with Suya sales going around the ground.

“The third session of the carnival starts by evening and this is where Quilox night club takes over the centre stage to give exquisite party feel on the carnival ground for a token. There are surprise performances as well as major DJs on the wheels of steel.”

On his part, Damilola Odujinrin, Experiential Execution Excellence Manager at Nigerian Bottling Company, said the reason Sprite endorsed the carnival is the belief in the landmark achievement, while also supporting the Lagos State government.

“We are always willing to support indigenous events as well as Lagos State. For us, we have carefully carried out a food test, which revealed that Suya goes down well with Sprite. The feeling consumers get after eating Suya and drinking Sprite is better felt than imagined,” he said.

The Lagos State government has promised to provide security.


Emeka Ubah

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