Maintaining Our Culture of Decency

On behalf of the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), I wish to commend Nigerians for their outright condemnation of the act of indecency displayed by the “Nude Girls Dancing Episode” along the Lekki Expressway, Lagos on Friday, 5th August, 2019. This only goes to show that we still hold our cherished cultural values of decency and moral rectitude very high in our nation as this act is alien to our culture.

Such acts of indecency and immorality must be condemned by all and the perpetrators brought to book. Our cultural value system must be upheld and cherished at all times as it remains a critical factor in the development of our nation.

I also want to commend the Nigerian Police for arresting the Artiste and his producer as this will serve as a deterrent to others and stem the further slide of our cherished cultural values and the moral decadence that is gradually taking over our social/cultural space.


Louis Eriomala

Ag. Executive Secretary/CEO