Language Training

In its determination to preserve and promote our indigenous languages and save them from gradually going into extinction, NICO runs the language programmes as one of its major programmes, designed to create awareness on the need for Nigerians to learn, speak and use our indigenous languages; create a sense of pride in our indigenous languages. In doing this, NICO fosters national pride/unity; encourage the need to preserve our indigenous languages; foster national unity, identity and integration; promote Nigeria’s cultural diplomacy objectives and resuscitate some of our indigenous languages that are fast eroding.

The programme would go a long way in fostering peace, unity and social integration among the participants and Nigerians in general. The NILP is designed to create a sense of pride in our indigenous languages, foster national pride, unity and identity as well as encourage the need to preserve our indigenous languages.

The programme also enhances the intelligence gathering and performance of the beneficiaries in securing lives and property in the country. The programme would no doubt boost the productivity of military and paramilitary personnel across the country.

The Institute organizes an annual four-week intensive language training programme, every August simultaneously across the Institute’s seven zonal and four states offices. A weekend version of the language training also runs throughout the year at the NICO Head Office, Abuja and Lagos Office. In the same vein, there is a Language in the Barracks version of the Programme carried out in all the Institutes offices where resource persons go into military and para-military barracks to teach Nigerian indigenous languages.

Our Language Programs

The Institute has four (4) functional editions of the language programme. These are:

  1. Long Vacation Programme: This is organized once a year for four weeks to create a platform for the teaching, learning and speaking of our indigenous languages. It is primarily targeted at primary and secondary school students during the long vacation period. This edition holds simultaneously in our twelve language centres which include Abuja, Lagos, Katsina, Yola, Yenagoa, Owerri, Akure, Ilorin, Enugu, Minna, Gombe and Ibadan. The languages taught include: Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Izon, Urhobo, Gbagyi, Tiv, Efik, Nupe, Batonu, Bwatiye, Chamba and Fulfude. It is hoped that with enhanced funding, the number of languages to be taught will increase significantly.
  2. Weekend Edition: Designed essentially for workers who consider it more convenient to learn the languages at the weekend.
  3. Language in the Barracks: It was conceptualized to address the peculiar needs of the military, police and para-military agencies that are barrack based. This edition specifically seeks to promote the relationship between the host community and military personnel; enhance information gathering and surveillance; foster esprit-de-corps and better communication with the populace as well as increase capacity building among officers and men.
  4. Online Edition: In order to make the language programme more accessible to a large number of interested participants locally and internationally, the Institute has concluded plans for the digitalization of the language programme using an online platform starting with the three major Nigerian languages; Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. The second phase will accommodate more languages

It is noteworthy that all the three editions of the Nigerian Indigenous Language Programme are held in twelve (12) locations in the six (6) geo-political zones and the FCT where NICO offices are located.